About Us.

National Students' Space Challenge is the sole technical fest of its genre dedicated to promote Space Enthusiasm in India.
It was conceived by Space Technology Students' Society, (spAts) a group of IITians from various disciplines working towards a common goal of motivating space interest among the student community of India, which is emerging as one of the major forefronts in the field of space technology. Officially, spAts is the student body of Kalpana Chawala Space Technology Cell (KCSTC), the contact point of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
We have had the constant support of ISRO in all our activities and initiatives. Having had an experience of a tremendous participation last year, we plan to make it even bigger this time and rise to a higher level of intellectual and technical expertise.
  • Design
    Bringing together what it requires to be an Inventor, building things from scratch to learn the laws of nature in a better way. Useful application of knowledge and genius to make things Better and do things differently.
  • Brainstorming
    Motivating to think Out of the Box, and bringing forward the Creative inside you. Providing the platform to showcase the talent to the world.
  • Success
    Bringing experience of many Successful personalities to the youth, to motivate them to achieve Sucess. Helping people know what it takes to perform Outstandingly in life.


Events to be conducted as a part of National Students' Space Challenge, 2014 are as under.


Sponsors of National Students' Space Challenge, 2014 are as under.

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About Us.

We are a team of Fully Dedicated students, striving hard to create Awareness in the field of Space Technology and Allied Fields among the students of India.

Sponsorship and Public Relations Heads

Abhinav Shetty
Amit Kumar

Publicity and Marketing Heads

Manu Lahariya
Rahul K. Shah
Shruti Sharma

Event Heads

Vivian Jeet Singh
Prashant Sharma
Vikash Srivastava

Finance Head

Hussain Bohra

Design Heads

Sanket Sahu
Kunal Deoskar

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