"I have an idea" is a single phrase that can single-handedly touch the lives of a billion. Small or big, your idea has the potential. Because Gilbreth's dustbin affects our lives as much as Edison's bulb. If there is something you believe has a capability, if an idea has ever crossed your mind, bring it here. There'll be people who will listen and people who will appreciate and people who will fund. An unshared and unexplored idea is like a baby. You have no idea how can it change the world once it grows. Nourish it.


  • All the participants need to submit an abstract on their model, which should be no longer than 10 pages (A4 size 1.5 line spacing) with standard formatting. The Abstract must document the basic design of the model.
  • Participants should also submit minimum 3 photograph of the model taken after completion or while it's being built, in zip format.
  • Abstract (.pdf) and photographs (.zip) must be submitted before 15th September 2018 on provided mail
  • E-mail your submissions to


  • Eligible model types:
    • Space themed Paper/cardboard/polystyrene/styrofoam models.
    • Robotic Models.
    • Aerial Robots eg. QuadCopters, Model Airplanes.
  • Participant must bring at least one A1 size poster describing model.
  • In case of participants bringing the patented models, confirmation letter from the Patent owner should be submitted with the abstract and design.
  • Maximum size of the model should not exceed the volume of 2mtr*2mtr*2mtr (l*b*h).
  • Poisons, drugs, living organisms, hazardous substances or devices (for example: firearms, weapons, ammunition, reloading devices, model rockets with working rocket motors) are not allowed.
  • Any flames, open or concealed, or highly flammable materials are not allowed.
  • Models verified by NSSC organizers are only eligible for participation.
  • The participants will be provided with 220V, 50 Hz AC power supply, and any other power supply they require has to be arranged by themselves by the participants.
  • Decision of Team NSSC will be final and binding under all circumstances.


  • Anirudh Agarwal

  • Tanishq Garg