Marvin has bigger problems than getting a meal and some rest. These geeky giant aliens can splash through water and run through land but our brave little soldier can't. And for being smarter than them they're after him. Alas? Not really. Get together and help him. Create an amphibian bot that helps Martin glide through difficult terrain and save his life. Let the ride be less bumpy and more smooth and comfortable because the last thing you want is to fracture his limbs. See you on the red soil?


The team has to build a manually controlled, wireless, hovercraft that has the capacity to move through a predefined path. The path would consist of varied terrain, having potholes, water and other kinds of terrains as specified in the arena below. The aim of the participant is to rake up the maximum points to win.


  • Maximum number of participants allowed per team is 5. However, they need not to be from the same college/ university/institution.
  • Only one person would control the hover craft from each participating team.
  • Team members cannot touch the hovercraft once the event has started without the permission of organizing team member present there.
  • No power supply would be provided during the run for any purposes, because the participants are required to bring wireless controllers, so no direct supply of power would be required.
  • If participants are unable to bring wireless controller, RF transmitter and receiver will be provided by Team NSSC for use during the run.
  • Also, it is the duty of the team members to get the requisite battery. Also voltage difference between any two points in the circuit of the robot cannot exceed 24 volts at any point of time.
  • The bot should be capable of traversing through any smooth or rough terrain (like: potholes, water, concrete, grass, gravel etc.).
  • Only Electric Motors have to be used in the hovercraft.
  • LEGO kits and pre made mechanics set parts are not allowed to be used for any kind of mechanism on the bot. For further studies on these follow the link
  • Teams qualifying for the first round only go to the second round.
  • Rules are subject to change.
  • Decision of Team NSSC will be final and binding under all circumstances.


  • l*b = 60 * 50 cm maximum allowable limit. .
  • Brushless motors with rating no more than 1500kv can be used. Participants should have the Motor model with them to prove the kv value when asked to do so.
  • ESC current ratings not to exceed 30 A.
  • Power supply (battery) above 12 volts cannot be used.
  • Minimum cushion height: 2 cm at full thrust.
  • Maximum propeller diameter that can be used: 8 inch


  • Every team will get 200 points as starting bonus.
  • Every team will get 800 points when the hovercraft finishes run.
  • Time bonus will be awarded (in case when bot completes the task).
  • Time Bonus= 600-(no. of seconds in which bot completes its run through the whole arena).
  • Every team will be awarded with 50 points while clearing each checkpoint.
  • Every collision with the wall of the arena attracts a penalty of 40 points, and every collision with the obstacles attracts a penalty of 70 points.


  • The participant must not touch the bot during the run without taking a timeout. Doing so will result in a penalty of 10 points.
  • If the hoverpod touches the track lines 5 points will be deducted for each intersection.
  • If the hoverpod is half way out of the tracks, 10 points will be deducted each time. If the participants wishes to skip an obstacle and continue just after the obstacle, a specific amount of points will be deducted depending on the difficulty of the obstacle.


  • The robot has to be placed in the starting zone before the start of the event.
  • The controller would be required to stand in a marked zone, from where the whole arena would be clearly visible, but the controller in any case cannot leave the marked zone and has to control the hovercraft from that place only for all the time.
  • Other team members cannot touch the hovercraft without permission once the run has started.
  • Complete the run through the arena in 10mins.
  • Do not touch obstacles placed in arena, and the walls of the arena.
  • The whole track will have various checkpoints at regular intervals. The teams will be awarded marks according to the number of checkpoints cleared.


  • Top 3 teams will be awarded by Certificate of Excellence for the event.
  • Prize money worth 20,000 INR will be distributed to the winner teams.
  • The winner team has to complete the task, if they fail to complete the task then they will be not eligible for certificate.
  • If all the participating teams fail to solve the problem statement then, only appreciation certificate(s) will be distributed to the teams demonstrating excellent performance.


  • Tanishq Jasoria

  • Ayushi Shakya