Rule #101 for hiking on a planet that is not your home: Be prepared for the unexpected. It is an Arduino based Extempore Hardware Programming event in which you will be provided with small robotic platforms which you have to program according to the weird situation Marvin is in which will be revealed to you before the trouble arrives. Do you like surprises?


  • Maximum number of participants allowed is 3 per team. The members from different colleges can form a team.
  • Limited number of sample arenas and bots will be provided before the run for tuning and calibration.
  • 5 minutes time will be given to the teams for the calibration of the bots just before the run.
  • At the time of execution of the code on the bots participating teams will take complete responsibility of the bot and its damage.
  • Team will be disqualified if damage occurs in their time of responsibility.
  • Hard-Coding is not allowed.
  • The team cannot touch the bot during the course of run.
  • Bot has to remain within the arena throughout the run.
  • Rules are subject to change.
  • Decision of Team NSSC will be final and binding under all circumstances.


The participating teams are required to code for two or more than two bots as stated in problem statement which will be released at the time when the event starts. For the run, bots will be provided by Organizing Team of NSSC. Judging Parameters, Arena Specification and Bot Specification will be released with the release of Problem Statement.


  • Arduino Programming.
  • Control systems.
  • Light Intensity as motion feedback.


  • If all the participating teams fail to solve the problem statement then, only appreciation certificate(s) will be distributed to the teams demonstrating excellent performance.


  • Tanishq Jasoria

  • Ayushi Shakya