Life is nothing but a twisty and complicated puzzle. Space travel is nothing but a long list of puzzles, crooks and turns. Unwind it to live. Marvin has a huge terrain of cliffs, mountains, flat grounds and tunnels to find a way through. He solved the mazes that came in newspapers as a child but when he sees it on the ground, will he be able to do it? Presenting you an autonomous labyrinthine which uses a combination of image processing and path planning algorithms to traverse through a maze using overhead-camera feed. Get to the princess.


  • Maximum number of participants allowed is 5 per team. The students from different colleges can form a team.
  • Total time allowed for run will be 10 mins.
  • Maximum of 3 timeouts are permitted, with each not exceeding 2 mins. Each timeout will attract a penalty.
  • A 2 mins penalty would be imposed on restart.
  • The team members are not allowed to touch the bot during the course of run.
  • Bot has to remain within the arena throughout the run.
  • Hard-Coded Bots are not allowed in the competition.
  • The participants will be provided with a 220V, 50 Hz AC power supply, and any other kind of power supply has to be arranged by the team itself.
  • Rules are subjected to change.
  • Decision of Team NSSC will be final and binding under all circumstances.


A maze is traced out with broad white lines over black background. The bot has to find a way out of the maze minimising the distance of traversal. The movement of bot is restricted within these white lines throughout the course of run. A continuous camera feed will be provided with an overhead camera.

There will be designated START and END markers with Green and Red colors respectively. The bot will be placed at the START marker. After that, the bot has to find the shortest route(in terms of distance) to reach the END marker.


Scoring Points:

  • 200 points will be awarded as bonus at the start of the run.
  • 20 points will be awarded for successfully crossing at each junction.
  • 100 points will be awarded if the bot takes the shortest path possible.


  • 50 points will be deducted for each timeout.
  • 100 points will be deducted for restart.
  • 2*(d-d0) points will be deducted where d(in metres) is the distance traveled by the bot and d0(in metres) is the shortest distance.


  • The Arena will be a square of side 3m.
  • The white lines are of 3cm width each.


  • The camera used will be : LOGITECH HD PRO C920
  • The aspect ratio of the camera is 1920 x 1080.
  • To prevents computational load/crashes participants are suggested to resize the frames or to decrease resolution using softwares like Coriander, Vimba etc.


  • Maximum set of dimensions allowed for the bot is 15*15*15 cubic cms [l*b*h*].
  • In case the team is using a non-electric power supply, they get it approved from the organizers beforehand via email. Organizers will not be responsible for inconvenience if approval is not sought.
  • The wires for the power supply should be at least 15 metres long.
  • In all cases, any on-board power supply devices like batteries are to be included in the maximum dimension limit.
  • Potential difference between any two points on the bot should not exceed 24 volts.
  • The bot dimensions would be subject to 5% tolerance.
  • The rules are subject to change.
  • In case of disputes, the decision of team NSSC is final and binding in all circumstances.


  • Top 3 teams will be awarded with the Certificate of Excellence for the event.
  • Prize money worth 30,000 INR will be distributed amongst the winning teams.
  • If the winning team fails to complete the task then they will be not eligible for Certificate of Excellence.
  • Participation Certificate will be awarded to all the teams who are registered at the event arena with bots approved by the event manager.
  • If all the participating teams fail to solve the problem statement then, only appreciation certificate(s) will be distributed to the teams demonstrating excellent performance.


  • Tanishq Jasoria

  • Ayushi Shakya