Every space enthusiast has witnessed at least one moment in his/her life when space tech has reached its pinnacle. But in most of such cases, your role is that of a spectator. This is where NSSC 2018 gives you an opportunity to express your ideas, views, opinions and solutions to various space-related issues. Topics range from the issues of the outer space with potential to savage mankind to the development of future space technology ideologies. How boring is it to applaud the gentleman on stage? How about being him?


Neutrinos are subatomic particles produced by the decay of radioactive elements and are elementary particles that lack an electric charge, or, as F. Reines would say, "...the most tiny quantity of reality ever imagined by a human being". They are the second most prevalent subatomic particles in the universe after photons. They pass through ordinary matter virtually unaltered and travel at a speed that is indistinguishable from light.

A neutrino detector is an instrument which is designed to observe neutrinos. Since Neutrinos are hard to detect, these detectors are enormous in size. Neutrino detectors are usually placed beneath the earth's surface to stop cosmic rays from interfering the observations.


Detailed problem statement can be found here.


  • Format: The online report must be submitted in PDF formats only. Report must be submitted in English language. All other formats will automatically be rejected.
  • Page Limit: The report must not exceed 15 pages which include front page, index, appendix and bibliography. The size of font used for the writing the content should be 12-14.


  • The final round, that is, the Presentation and Questionnaire, will be held on the second day of NSSC 2018
  • The time limit for the presentation is 12 minutes.
  • The teams have to wrap up the presentation within the given time limit. A warning bell shall be issued one minute before the end of proposed time.
  • However, the presentation for the final round will be in PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) format (Please note carefully).
  • The diagrams should be neat and clearly labelled and images must be given credit.
  • You may draw your own labelled illustrations wherever required and embed paper work as images wherever necessary.


  • Team Size: The maximum permissible number of members in a participating team is 2. However, they need not belong to the same institute/ college/ university.
  • The best teams will be selected and they will be presenting their reports in NSSC'18 at IIT Kharagpur.
  • All teams must submit the digital version of their documents latest by 15th September 2018 along with the names and PI ids of the participants. Entries without the above details will not be accepted.
  • All entries have to be submitted to
  • Top 3 teams will be awarded by Certificate of Excellence for the event.
  • Prize money worth 20,000 INR will be distributed to the winner teams.
  • The plagiarism in content shall not be accepted and the entry shall be cancelled.


The event consists of 100 points. They are distributed as follows:

  • 40 points for the Report submitted as the part of Preliminary round
  • 35 points for the Final Presentation (if selected for final round) which will be conducted during NSSC.
  • 25 points for Questionnaire session after the presentation.
  • Extra points will be awarded for posing well-reasoned questions.


  • Anirudh Agarwal

  • Srivatsan Senthil